In 1994 Massimo Facchinetti establish the design firm DISEGNO, that will become, in 1997, the company Massimo Facchinetti designer by Prototipi s.a.s., being interested in industrial consultancy and realisation of projects in the field of design.


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360° Design : from pin to car

Useful Design: pursue the Italian tradition to get utility in the product.
Environmental design: pursue the integration between artefacts and context micro and macro environmental, using in the right colours and materials.
Design For All: always give the right consideration the final user, endorsing the positive aspects of the concept of customization, for a suitable product for all without distinction.
Eco-friendly Design: decarbonisation of the product / service, with the goal of total quality and energetic benefit in the global process.


360° Design: thanks to an universal and inter-disciplinary know-how, we design maintaining an innovative point of view on every single project.
We are specialized in Interior and Product Design, Light Design and Car Design, covering every stage of design: from concept to design, up to physical modelling with lightweight materials and the coordination of all phases of engineering and prototyping, up to the support for production.
We follow graphics and communication aspects of the projects: from the product brochure up to the study and preparation of catalogues and publications printing.



Massimo Facchinetti graduated in 1992 from the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano,
specializing in industrial design. Since 1992 he is a professional architect,
and he teaches as an assistant and as a professor,
first at the universities of Milan, Florence, Turin and now in Brescia.

In 1997 he established with some associates and collaborators
the company Massimo Facchinetti designer by Prototipi S.a.s.
interesting himself in industrial consulting for companies and projects in the design field;
he specialize himself in the years, as a result of university research, undertaken as a professor.

Since1998, he collaborates with a number of journals to spread articles related to
works of architecture and design and he participated in several meetings
related to the sectors of design and environmental design.

He specialized in environmental design, which concerns the integration of artifacts
in their context and which has as its base the proper and
weighted use of color and materials.
The color in design is considered by Facchinetti relevant as the form itself,
qualifying itself as the "fourth dimension."
The projects always take into consideration the end user,
and endorse the concepts of design for all and customization.

Another feature of the study is the great interest for the best
environmental sustainability of the developed products.


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