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name  Burj Alqarrat
project year  2017
location Dubai, Emirati Arabi Uniti

The Burj Alqarrat is an ambitious project from the architectural point of view and would also like to become a symbol of social values, moral and ethical among peoples.

Our aim is to find and place a project that could co-ordinate: the knowledge, values and customs of the peoples of all continents and to find a place, the new building, where contain them and to represent them, so as to promote cultural and social exchanges, but also trade and diplomatic.

The context of the city of Dubai, now crosses halfway between Western and Eastern countries, is "neutral" and can be considered considered the most correct and balanced position for the new building; the strategic location is also important as a connecting element between the continents.

The building therefore has to be an investment in economic and trade opportunities for:

1  the mall representing a commercial and

interesting investment element beyond the values described above;

2 involvement of the embassies to have commercial offices that can assist their citizens in the various economic negotiations as well as chambers of commerce and industry of various countries;